Dineware POS System

Dinerware is not often thought of as a Winery Point of Sale solution, however ex-Microsoft employee Carl English, originally designed Dinerware for just that purpose. Today Dinerware is in many top Wineries and Wine Bars in the Seattle and Portland areas along with in the heart of wine country in Napa and Sonoma Valley.

Full Dinerware Station

Dinerware Overview

Dinerware is a point of sale software that was designed to help restaurants and bars operate with ease. The software enables easy understanding, usage, and modification from a restaurateur's perspective. This software is very accommodative and flexible in different environments and requirements of services such as wineries, bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. Irrespective of the design or business model, Dinerware helps the entire team complete their tasks with enhanced efficiency and speed.


Dinerware Point of Sale Features

System Design

Dinerware applies the most recent technology with a user-friendly design that brings total control over the hospitality business at a low cost. Some of the essential aspects of system design include:

  • Customization - easy and quick maintenance lowers the cost of ownership.
  • Reliability and speed that is unparalleled.
  • Software uses the latest version of Microsoft SQL server and .NET framework, which continues to update to current revisions.
  • The software is scalable to handle infinite terminals.
  • Dinerware POS works the best irrespective of the computer brand.
  • Specially designed .NET code that allows business-level domain environments of windows.

Management Features

Dinerware software for POS also possesses certain managerial features to ease operations. Some of them include:

  • Whether there is a change in menu or policies or employees, Dinerware POS can take care of all management issues from almost any terminal. The system does not require a restart to make these changes.
  • Any workstation can be used for management operations.
  • Whether it is editing the timesheet of an employee, getting a report, or changing the price, everything can be done from any place on the floor.

Practical Applications

It is not enough simply to take care of the management and system design, for the hospitality industry; it is the usability that matters. Dinerware is so intuitive that it can create quick menus that make any change in the system such as editing items or changing prices, fast and easy even for new staff. The powerful feature called 'list view' helps the user organize multiple orders quickly. Accepting multiple payments is made simple and easy and this prevents customers from waiting. The "All Tickets View" option allows servers to cover "tickets" of coworkers. The integration of credit card processing over the web makes all transactions safe and clear.


The most powerful platform of Dinerware enables instant reviewing of all data all the time. Some of the reporting features include:

  • Accessing sales reports at any given point or place
  • Mixed product reports
  • Payroll reports for labor
  • Reports that specify all discounts, voids, tenders, and transactions


Benefits of Using Dinerware

Though every feature of Dinerware is a benefit, the five (5) major benefits can be stated as follows:

  1. Dinerware software design takes into account total business needs as well as customer demands of the hospitality industry and ensures cohesion of these two perspectives.
  2. The software is so user-friendly that even people without technical knowledge can learn to use it within minutes and operate with success.
  3. It takes care of every aspect of the business need such as technical, payroll needs, sales, reports, tenders, calculations, etc.
  4. Provides access of quick and accurate reports at any given time.
  5. The software is very reliable, as it uses the most advanced technology.

Dinerware POS software simplifies the responsibilities for management and the staff, thereby contributing to the expansion and peak performance of the business.