Napa Valley Point of Sale System

Napa Valley POS is a computer consulting firm that specializes in a variety of systems management that includes business management systems along with the implementation, evaluation and support. Napa Valley POS systems works with all areas of business from manufacturing to business processes. The firm specializes in retail software for the wine industry.

Napa Valley POS Touch Screen

Napa Valley has a team of system specialists who design custom software programs according to the needs and specifications of the client. Napa Valley POS is also a certified Microsoft partner that uses an information management system called Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System POS Software. The organization covers all areas of IT components that include software, hardware, training and follow-up technology systems support.


The system is easy to use and can be customized according to specific needs of the business, including discounts programming, stores management, compliance verification and recall orders among others. POS hardware features includes:

  • Touch Screen PCs
  • Receipt printers
  • Laser scanners
  • Magnetic stripe readers
  • Customer displays

The software programs cover the following areas:

  • Transactional data
  • Sales and client or customer related tracking
  • Discounts, coupons and specials
  • Finance and accounting systems
  • Customer analysis database
  • Inventory management systems
  • Shipping and Conveyance

Napa Valley POS is fast and reliable hence no loss of business due to inability to keep up with demand. The system is locally installed hence does not rely on an always on internet connection. It can also run both online and offline hence it can run day to day business processing without interruption.

The Napa Valley POS software is integrated with accounting systems like QuickBooks, Scalar, Microsoft NAV and others. It can also be customized and integrated with any local system to enhance compatibility.

There is full Microsoft support with regular updates for new releases. The system is made simple to make self-upgrades easy. There are also in-built tools that allow remote access. These tools support the tracking system compliance, taxation and generation of custom reports necessary for plant operations.


Regular system evaluation to ensure compliance is a great benefit. There is trust in the reliability of the system. The customization and integration of the system with other Microsoft related products is of great benefit for the users. There is also system integrity due to the support given for set-up, online back-up and monitoring.

Napa Valley POS is also comprehensive in that they conduct a detailed customer survey and demo before installation of their systems.

POS management systems have been in use for a number of years especially in the winery industry and they proved to the best so total business control. This is because of the reasons given above among many others. Napa Valley POS is compliant to all those factors that determine a good information management system.