VinNOW Winery Software

VinNOW is a leader in winery software including marketing, inventory management, wine clubs, shipping and point of sale. VinNOW offers various products with flexible pricing including lease and purchase options.


VinNOW POS Station

VinNOW Overview

VinNOW is winery management software that was developed by a winery specifically for other winery owners to help them manage their wineries better and in a more efficient manner. It is a complete program that allows the winery to manage Point of Sale, Wine Clubs, inventory, customer relations, shipping, compliance, accounting and marketing.

Barcode Scanner For Quick Results

With the VinNow software, your winery business will become a lot more efficient in managing your customers and their needs. The software has a Point of Sale cash register function that features everything you need to have a very efficient check-out counter that would make customers happy. The software features a barcode scanner, just like the one you see in the supermarket check-out counters to make pricing of the items easier and faster. In addition, it also has other features that are all geared towards ensuring that you are able to look things up in your inventory in the quickest way possible and allow you more time to interact with your customers.

Security, Compliance and Training

The VinNow cash register feature is easy to use and is fitted with security features. This means that in using the system you can be sure that you are compliant to the Payment Card Industry or PCI. VinNow will also provide training for your staff and teach them how to use the program efficiently so that is one less worry for you. In no time, your staff will be familiar with the system.

VinNOW CRM & Customer Loyalty

VinNow has a lot of other great features. First the program is integrated into your customer data records and has what they call a "Cashier Alert Note" that can alert your cashier of important information about the customer. For instance, if a certain customer's spouse has a fondness for a certain type of wine, your cashier will be alerted with this note when she rings in a sale for this customer. This way, your cashier can talk to the customer and remind the customer what his or her spouse likes. This is one efficient way to show your customers that you care as well as it allows your cashiers to rake in sales.

Second, VinNow allows authorized personnel logged in to the system to access a customer's information record and update the record when needed. This means that your cashiers will be able to see the customer's purchase history, billing information and even unpaid accounts and can easily remind your customers of unpaid bills without having to leave their posts at the counter.

Third, VinNow allows your cashiers to sell a product and ship the item to any point of the globe at the cash register. The program will allow them to compute the rate for shipping as well as track the package right there at the cash register. Finally, it also features an automatic discounting feature that automatically computes discounts for bulk orders, and other unique discounts that you may have.

Owning a business can be very fulfilling but it can be a very stressful affair as well. If you are in the winery business and want to have a more efficient way to manage your winery business then the VinNow integrated system is a great solution.