WineWare Software

WineWare is a software company which employs different types of unique marketing strategies to improve the business of wineries and wine bars. It offers touch screen POS which is a point of sale system which can enable wineries and wine bars to maintain their inventory and customers as well as sales. This wine club software caters to the needs of wineries specific to the United States and Canada. This software is user friendly and is offered at cost effective price teamed with great customer service along with provision of Constant Contact.

WineWare POS Station

Wineries can install the POS hardware along with the computers and the software can be used almost instantly. The Loyalty Membership and Gift Card plans are integrated directly into the system. Merchant processing is also offered integrated into the system. WineWare was developed to save effort and money by helping to track inventory and avoid loss of sales by system malfunction. WineWare also helps by increasing efficiency and the smooth running of the business.

Credit Card Processing

WineWare provides credit and debit card processing via partnerships with different merchant services which are suitable for different wineries. WineWare however can be used with the Wineries' current merchant services providers as well. It has partnership with Financial Transaction Services which focuses on accounts of merchants, processing of payment, credit card processing and implementation of credit card processing equipment. It uses high-end bankcard technology and with its expertise in the credit card processing industry, this partnership offers the best pricing and payment processing options.

Unique Marketing Strategies

WineWare offers SmartClub which is a wine club that helps track members batch processtheir credit card authorizations. It can remove the members who are not interested in the winery program easily. It also helps in printing of shipping labels. The client can also print reports with the help of a super report generator. WineWare also has the SmartClub Relations Manager to keep a track of various activities of the club members.

Another unique product offered by WineWare Software is the Loyalty and Gift Card Program which is also an interesting marketing tool. It helps in attracting more customers by rewarding them for returning on a regular basis. They are also encoded and it can be effectively used instead of a credit card. The companies can also offer a variety of discounts and incentives to its customers.

Moreover, the gift cards can be used to give gifts during festive seasons or during special occasions. The gift card can be given to customers who are loyal to improve business. If the customer discontinues its association, then the loyalty cards and the gift cards can be reduced for other purchases.

These kinds of marketing strategies make the company unique and help in getting business. WineWare Software employs these marketing tools and ideas to promote sales and business of its customers.